Never Used a Cleaning Service Before and Not Sure What to Expect?

Never Used a Cleaning Service Before and Not Sure What to Expect?  

What to Expect from a Commercial Janitorial Service Provider

Janitors are people that oversee the cleaning of private and public businesses. One could obtain work via a private company, as part of a support crew in an office building, or working for a public service system. Whilst this work does not call for any kind of higher education, it is not uncommon to find people occupying supervisory roles in this profession to have at least some degree of college experience.

The responsibilities of a janitorial position involve standard cleaning jobs, such as taking out the trash from waste cans, vacuuming, and sweeping carpets and floors, and generally ensuring a space is kept in an orderly fashion. In most cases, this individual could also oversee climate control functions in a building too. This could mean keeping the furnace in working order, overseeing of thermostats, or maintaining a boiler system. Some can also troubleshoot plumbing problems, performing such tasks that involve the hot and cold water system, replacing faulty or leaky pipes and faucets, and replacing sinks or toilets when needed.

A janitor that is employed by a school or a government public building is sometimes known as a custodian. In addition to cleaning responsibilities, custodians could have other responsibilities, like making sure all doors are locked after closing hours and any alarm systems are set before the building is closed. They could also oversee a cleaning team, all depending upon the size of a facility.

While these individuals could work during the day, it is not uncommon for many to work in the evening. This is truer for office buildings, where they are expected to do their job without disturbing the people that work there. A janitor could work for a company or be part of a commercial janitorial service which is contracted to perform numerous cleaning and maintenance jobs. Most receive a full range of employment benefits; however, others could work with less and receive a minimum wage per hour.

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